The latest podcast by Anthony Zietman, MD, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics focuses on the recently published paper "Practice Consolidation Among U.S. Radiation Oncologists Over Time." Authors of the paper, Dr. Michael Milligan, MD, MBA, and Miranda Lam, MD, MBA, both of Harvard Medical School, explain the method they used to calculate practice consolidation in radiation oncology, how it compares to other specialties, and the possible reasons behind consolidation. The authors also discuss how consolidation impacts patient outcomes, and what the future of radiation oncology could look like if practice consolidation continues.

《国际放射肿瘤学、生物学和物理学杂志》主编Anthony Zietman博士的最新播客重点关注最近发表的论文“美国放射肿瘤学家的实践整合”该论文的作者Michael Milligan博士(医学博士,MBA)和Miranda Lam博士(医学博士,MBA)都来自哈佛医学院,他们解释了他们用于计算放射肿瘤学实践整合的方法,它与其他专业的比较,以及整合背后的可能原因。作者还讨论了整合如何影响患者的结果,以及如果实践整合继续下去,放射肿瘤学的未来会是什么样子。